I don’t have a ticket? Should I not sign up yet?!

To get a ticket for Burning Man you must sign up for a profile at https://profiles.burningman.org/ and participate in a sale.   There is a great visual for the deadlines here: http://bit.ly/2UZr8zO.  While being part of BRCH3 does not guarantee your tickets, we have an allocation for camp leads as well as a network of burner connections to help you find one. Sign-up for camp anyways and we will help you!

What if I don’t get a ticket? Are camp dues refundable? 

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be unable to acquire a ticket, if you aren’t able to acquire a ticket you may receive a refund for your dues up to 1 month before the burn.  To reserve your spot in camp, we ask that each member pay dues and choose their tasks by May 15th.  This allows us to plan ahead and pay for things like storage, u-haul,  and water at a more affordable rate than last minute reservations.

I live far away and need to fly in, how do I get camping gear?

  We have traveling burners join us every year!  Camp has great infrastructure to help with everything from shade structures and a kitchen, to water and group events.  There are also other camps at the burn to help you borrow bikes so please post within the group channels about your needs. 

I’m flying in, where should I rent a car to get to and from the event?

We highly recommend not doing so.  It can be extremely expensive and most car companies have a clause that prohibits their vehicles from coming to the burn specifically.  It’s also very very hot in a car unless it’s been properly shaded and insulated. To get to and from playa from the Reno airport, you can take the Burner Express bus throughout the week and it’s a really fun way to arrive to playa and get to know some new friends along the way.   https://burnerexpress.burningman.org/burner-express-bus-tickets/

I don’t have much camping gear and I’m flying in…

As a camp, we offer shaded tent camping in our Monkey Huts.  This is a great way to stay cool and shaded in the early hours of the day.  Instead of buying gear for one time use, please reach out on our Facebook group.  Someone in camp may also be able to loan you a tent.

What the heck are these ‘10 Principles’ I keep hearing about?!

Glad you asked!  The 10 Principles are the ethos which every Burner strives to embody.  These are core to the culture and function of our temporary city and it’s important that you know them.  Click here to learn: https://burningman.org/culture/philosophical-center/10-principles/   Did you know BRCH3 also has our very own 10 principles?  Read them here.

Why did I have to go through a nomination process to join camp?

Part of our job as organizers is to make sure everyone in camp is ready to be a cooperative and participatory member. As a 50 person camp each member is key to making things run smoothly.  We want our campers to live and breathe the 10 Principles and be an active contributing member to Burning Man as a whole.  Each new virgin is nominated by a prior camp member who will help them through their virgin journey on playa.  Once we’ve given campers a chance to speak on the nomination (usually a few days), we welcome them into our group. 

Where do my camp dues go?

A complete camp budget can be found on the last tab of the Camp Master Document (link above).   There are a ton of benefits to joining a camp and the biggest is ease of infrastructure.  We have shade, showers, a kitchen, communal areas, regular dome events, and more.

Can I sign up for a lead position even though I’m a virgin?

Yes, definitely.  The lead position is more of an organizer role that gives your team of volunteer direction and instruction. For example, In the Dome Tear Down role, you would set a time and make sure everyone on your team knows to meet at that time. Then you would give them directions on how to take apart and organize the poles of the dome.  Mis-man will walk you through the process of tear down before you get to playa so you feel comfortable giving directions to people.  Ultimately you would be the one responsible for ensuring poles and hardware are organized neatly and loaded into the u-haul.

What do my camp dues cover for me personally?

Prepping and participating for this event is unlike any festival out there.  Here are just a few of the biggest items that participation in camp can offer:

  1. Drinking Water and Gatorade station
  2. Showers– We budget for 1 shower per person, per day for 5 days
  3. Shade throughout camp– Monkey Huts for tent campers, chill space, kitchen
  4. Power and Lighting– At night, our kitchen and chillspace remain lit.  We also have a charging station for you to top off your camera every couple of days. 
  5. Kitchen– Grills, cooking utensils and pans, dishwashing stations, food storage shelves
  6. Ice Runs– Ice is the only cost you’ll have on playa, we’ll collect money from you and deliver it to the common area each morning so you can top off your cooler.
  7. Grey water collection– Any water used must be taken off site, Leave No Trace
  8. Beer!– We bring plenty of kegs (both light and dark) out to playa so you never run out. 
  9. Chill space & Camp Gatherings– The playa can be rough on your body, the chillspace is a peaceful, shaded area where you can relax and get recharged.  It’s a great place to regroup with fellow campers, share a meal, and plan your next adventure.  There are also mailboxes here where you can receive mail and messages on playa. 
  10. Guidance & Security– Our campers work as a family to prepare you for the burn so you can enjoy it as you wish.  From packing lists, help setting up your shade and tent, repairing your bike, making sure you don’t miss something cool, to talking you through your highs and lows we have plenty of people in camp to help. 
  11. Participation– One of the ethos of Burning Man is the act of participation.  BRCH3 gives you a forum in which you can become a part of the culture that keeps this event alive and makes it unique.  Our Dome of Bad Decisions hosts 5 weekday events, serving new experiences to the greater burn community.  Without camps like us, who build and invite others to enjoy, Burning Man wouldn’t exist.