Like everything on Playa, the Black Rock City Red Dress Run is a free event. Also like everything on Playa, it costs money. Every year we collect money to buy stickers and patches and beer and supplies. All of those things are paid for with donations. Be a hero to the hash and donate some of your sponduli to us. Whatever we have left over goes to our awesome charity.

No camp dues are spent on the Red Dress Run. We really need your support.

We need the following:

  • Cash
  • Money
  • bucks
  • dough
  • bread
  • moolah
  • cheddar
  • paper
  • Benjamins
  • Bones


If you don’t want to just give us money, buy a buff or some socks from haberdashery. Proceeds go to RDR/Burners Without Borders.

Coming Soon
Which Patch Color Scheme Should We Do This Year (2019)?
Pink edge, purple Background
Red edge, purple background
Green Edge, black background
Purple Edge, green lettering

You don’t need to rego, but we do want your money.