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A drinking group with a running problem... at Burning Man. Cum visit us!

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About BRCH3

A Place to Call Home

With members of the BRCH3 found in several camps across the playa, a group of us camp together in the Bike Repair Camp. Our mission: share hashing with BRC while keeping the beer cold and bikes running smoothly.

Hash on the Playa

Join us for a hash on the playa. In addition to our Annual Red Dress Run (Thursday, 3pm, meet at the man), we host a variety of hash activities and events. Check out our events page for more information!

Cultures Collide

The BRCH3 pays homage to our roots as hashers as we encourage our wankers to live in harmony with the 10 principles of Burning Man while sharing our own hashy culture and community. The two overlap quite nicely!

BRCH3 Events!

  • Burning Hare

    Monday is a Hashing Day (Mon 1 pm – 4 pm)

    Our first Dome Event will introduce hashing to any and all members of the burning man community. Anyone can be a hasher! We’ll set up some playa-friendly hash marks and do a rolling trail, with a pre-lube beer shot, chalk talk, a check, a YBF, a song check, a drink stop, and an on-in in […]

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  • Peps

    Nannerfest! (Tues 1 pm – 3 pm)

    Join us Tuesday to celebrate all things Nanner related – bananas, banana peppers, peppers, pickled peppers, pickles, pickle brine, picklebacks. You’ll wish the fun would never end, because we’ll have all of the finest brine and spirit pairings, and there could be appearances by none other than: Peel Diamond, Cayenna Ross, Poblano Del Rey, Ween, […]

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  • Picture of a bike at night on playa

    Light the Night Bike Beauty Salon (Tues 2-4 pm)

    No one likes a dark wad! As a part of its bike repair offerings, BRCH3 will host a bike beautification salon that will make denizens’ playa wheels beautiful and–most importantly–light the night! BRCH3 will have extra lights & decor to make bikes representative of their owners and last through rough and tumble playa dust. The […]

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  • BRC Camp 2018

    Hashy Hour (Tues 4 pm – 7 pm)

    Calling all Hashers! Join us at 4 PM at the Dome of Bad Decisions on Tuesday at E & 9:15 for Hashy Hour! Bring your favorite new hash song!

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  • BRCH3-Shiggy-Socks

    Midnight Naked Run (Tuesday 11:30 pm -12:30 am)

    Midnight Naked Run in 5 minutes! We’ll gather people together, strip down, run to the Esplanade, do a drink check and a song check, then back to the dome for naked dancing

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  • 295059172_467065965266169_7319370849597609444_n

    Touch Rugby (Wednesday 10 am – 1 pm)

    Join BRC Hash House Harriers for the 5th Annual Touch Rugby (no tackle) Game at 9 and Esplanade, Man side. Join us 10 am to beat the heat for a short clinic for all levels of players- including those new to the game and then play some rugby!. Rugby is renowned for its inclusivity and […]

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  • IMG_0159

    Bowie Dance Party (Wed 1 pm – 4 pm)

    Calling all sparkly, fabulous, glittery-glam humans who love to move! Join the BRCH3 Kooks for a celebration of all-things-Bowie (with a healthy side of Queen, Elton + Prince). Hang on to Yourself as we explore Modern Love, contemplate Life on Mars and revel in Fame + Fashion. Hey you, Rebel Rebel – put on your […]

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  • Bike on Playa inside Traffic Signs

    Tube ‘n Lube Daily 10-3PM

    Cum to the BRCH3 camp and get rollin’ again! We have a self-service Tube & Lube station where we provide many sized tubes, tire levers, basic bike tools, and of course–lube! We also have people on-hand to provide tips and basic DIY instruction on how to change a tire, and if needed, serve you a […]

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  • Lady in Red

    Red Dress Boutique (Thurs 12-2PM)

    Join us for our annual Red Dress Run (really a bike ride) as we sing songs, tell dirty jokes and show off body parts. We are the Hash House Harriers an international drinking club that occasionally likes to run. We host annual red dress events all over the world, including in Black Rock City. Don’t […]

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Help us bring hashing to Burning Man

All donations help fund the Red Dress Run. Once there's enough beer, we donate the rest to Burners without Borders.