Bike on Playa inside Traffic Signs

Tube ‘n Lube Daily 10-3PM

Cum to the BRCH3 camp and get rollin’ again! We have a self-service Tube & Lube station where we provide many sized tubes, tire levers, basic bike tools, and of course–lube! We also have people on-hand to provide tips and basic DIY instruction on how to change a tire, and if needed, serve you a […]

Motorboat Monday

Motorboat Monday 3-8PM

Tits ahoy matey! We welcum you to starting your Black Rock City voyage with a Motor Boating excursion in our Dome of Bad Decisions. Join us to refresh your wary playa legs with our delicious Motor Boat cocktail while we sing sea shanties, dance to funky beats, spin the Wheel of Misfortune, and hone those […]

metamorpheses burning hare

BYO T-Shirt Printing Mon 5-8PM

This is a chance for you to make your own memory of this year’s Burning Man! We have designed a metamorpheses themed logo for you and turned it into a DIY screen for you to put on your shorts, shirt, dress or whatever other item you bring. Needs to be a non-white color as the […]

pan am 2

Tutus, Tequila and Tunes Hashy Hour Tues 4-7PM

Dance party at the dome!! BRCH3 doesn’t have a monopoly on hashers at Burning Man, so we like to have an event where all our hashers from lands afar come together to chat, sing songs and reminisce about past shenanigans and trails. Virgins (those new to hashing), are also welcomed to learn about our culture […]

Erect cock waffles

Cock Waffle Wednesday 3-8PM

Dick waffles on a stick. With Cinnabon frosting inside. Served through a glory hole. The first bite launches a bit onto your tongue. It’s delicious. You feel empowered. People will probably end up dressed as dicks, waffles, butter or maple syrup. We’ll also have Bloody Marys to pair with your brunch treat. In the spirit […]

Lady in Red

Red Dress Exchange & Beauty Bar Thurs 11-2PM

Join us for our annual Red Dress Run (really a bike ride) as we sing songs, tell dirty jokes and show off body parts. We are the Hash House Harriers an international drinking club that occasioanlly likes to run. We host annual red dress events all over the world, including in Black Rock City. Don’t […]

Red Dress Red

Red Dress Run Thurs 3PM @ The Man

The BRCH3 is proud to announce the 12th running of the BRCH3 Red Dress Run. Meet at the Man @ 3pm with your red dress, r*nning shoes and/or bike, a drinking vessel and a sense of humor. We will lay a Hash House Harriers-style trail that you can r*n, jog, walk, dance, or bike that […]

Bedroom on the playa

Boudoir Photography Fri 3-8PM

Come get your cover girl on! All body shapes and sizes welcome, we aim to capture the inner and outer beauty of every burner. Each guest or group of guests gets to sit for a brief but personalized and individualized photo session with an experienced photographer and will receive their own archive-quality fade-proof and waterproof print […]

BRCH3 2014 patch

March to the Man Sat 6PM

Join your fellow campers to celebrate the fantastic week we’ve had together, and to pay homage to reason why we all cum. The MAN. We will swill together the leftover alcohol and mix up a cool bucket of bad decisions! Meet at the dome at 6 p.m. for closing ceremonies, a few songs, lots of hugs, […]