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sing along

AUG 30 | Disney Sing-A-Long!

If there is one thing that that hashers love more than a cold beer, it’s a bawdy song. And even more than that?  A trip back into their childhood, remembering happy moments curled up on the couch watching The Little Mermaid. Bottom line: We want you to join us for this Disney Sing-A-Long!  Come dressed […]

food drive

SEPT 2 | Drink and Drive!

A food drive, with drinking! In an effort to extend our reach to our not-as-dusty neighbors that live year round close by, we will be host an end-of-the-week food drive for canned goods and other non-perishables.These items will be brought to a local food bank in the surrounding area.

bad decisions

SEPT 3 | March to the Man

Join your fellow campers to celebrate the fantastic week we’ve had together, and to pay homage to reason why we all cum. The MAN. We will swill together the leftover alcohol and mix up a cool bucket of bad decisions! Meet at the dome at 6p.m. for closing ceremonies, a few songs, lots of hugs, and a walk […]