8:45 & D

A drinking group with a running problem... at Burning Man. Cum visit us!

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About BRCH3

A Place to Call Home

With members of the BRCH3 found in several camps across the playa, a group of us camp together in the Bike Repair Camp. Our mission: share hashing with BRC while keeping the beer cold and bikes running smoothly.

Hash on the Playa

Join us for a hash on the playa. In addition to our Annual Red Dress Run (Thursday, 3pm, meet at the man), we host a variety of hash activities and events. Check out our events page for more information!

Cultures Collide

The BRCH3 pays homage to our roots as hashers as we encourage our wankers to live in harmony with the 10 principles of Burning Man while sharing our own hashy culture and community. The two overlap quite nicely!

BRCH3 Events!

  • motorboats

    AUG 27 | Motorboat Monday

    Join us in the Dome of Bad Decisions for the 4th anal Motorboat Monday! We will be serving one of the tastiest drinks you’ve ever had on the playa. Spin the Wheel of Mis-Fortune if you’re brave enough to face your fate.

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  • fuck-tomatoes

    AUG 28 | B.L.T.T.T. Cuz Fuck Tomatoes!

    What better way to start the afternoon than with a beautiful tequila sunrise and a tasty breakfast snack? Come by Tuesday for a tantalizing taste of tempting ‘T’s’ served by topless temptress’. BLTTTT stands for Bacon, Lettuce, TuTu’s, Tequila, and of course Tities! Did we mention we hate tomatoes?

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  • Disneysingalongsongs

    AUG 29 | Disney Sing-a-long

    If there is one thing that hashers love as much as a cold beer, it’s a bawdy song. And even more than that? A trip back into their childhood, remembering happy moments curled up on the couch watching The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, or more recently with their own kids close by belting out You’re […]

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  • brch3 rdr

    AUG 30 | Red Dress Run

    The BRCH3 is proud to announce the 11th running of the BRCH3 Red Dress Run.   Date: Thursday | August 30th, 2018 Time: 3pm Location: Meet at the Man Meet at the Man with your red dress, r*nning shoes and/or bike, a drinking vessel and a sense of humor. We will lay a Hash House […]

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Help us bring hashing to Burning Man

All donations will help fund our Red Dress Run and the Bike Repair Camp.