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A drinking group with a running problem... at Burning Man.

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A Place to Call Home

With members of the BRCH3 found in several camps across the playa, a group of us camp together in the Bike Repair Camp. Our mission: share hashing with BRC while keeping the beer cold and bikes running smoothly.

Hash on the Playa

Join us for a hash on the playa. In addition to our Annual Red Dress Run (Thursday, 3pm, meet at the man), we host a variety of hash activities and events. Check out our events page for more information!

Cultures Collide

The BRCH3 pays homage to our roots as hashers as we encourage our wankers to live in harmony with the 10 principles of Burning Man while sharing our own hashy culture and community. The two overlap quite nicely!

BRCH3 Events!

  • Hashy Hour

    BRCH3 Hashy Hour | MON – FRI

    When: Monday – Friday Time: 6pm – 8pm Where: BRCH3 Bike Repair Dome | Location TBD   Meet at the BRCH3 Bad Decision Dome for a gathering of hashers (and our guests) on the playa. We will host a hashy hour each night at 6pm. It’s an opportunity to catch up with hashers and burners from […]

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  • motorboats

    AUG 29 | Motorboat Monday

    Join us in the Dome of Bad Decisions for the 2nd anal Motorboat Monday! We will be serving one of the tastiest drinks you’ve ever had on the playa. Spin the Wheel of Mis-Fortune if you’re brave enough to face your fate.

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  • sing along

    AUG 30 | Disney Sing-A-Long!

    If there is one thing that that hashers love more than a cold beer, it’s a bawdy song. And even more than that?  A trip back into their childhood, remembering happy moments curled up on the couch watching The Little Mermaid. Bottom line: We want you to join us for this Disney Sing-A-Long!  Come dressed […]

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  • bm

    AUG 31 | RDR Prelube

    Join us for Red Dress Run Prelube. Cum one, Cum all – Join the BRCH3 for a pub crawl around Black Rock City to prepare our livers the Red Dress Run. The theme is Da Vinci’s Risque Renaissance Faire!  Join us as we tour our fair city dressed in your finest leather and lace. You’ll see artists, […]

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  • brch3 rdr

    SEPT 1 | Red Dress Run

    The BRCH3 is proud to sponsor the 9th running of the BRCH3 Red Dress Run.   Date: Thursday | September 1, 2016 Time: 3pm Location: Meet at the Man Meet at the Man with your red dress, running shoes, a drinking vessel and a sense of humor. We will lay a Hash House Harriers-style trail […]

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  • food drive

    SEPT 2 | Drink and Drive!

    A food drive, with drinking! In an effort to extend our reach to our not-as-dusty neighbors that live year round close by, we will be host an end-of-the-week food drive for canned goods and other non-perishables.These items will be brought to a local food bank in the surrounding area.

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  • bad decisions

    SEPT 3 | March to the Man

    Join your fellow campers to celebrate the fantastic week we’ve had together, and to pay homage to reason why we all cum. The MAN. We will swill together the leftover alcohol and mix up a cool bucket of bad decisions! Meet at the dome at 6p.m. for closing ceremonies, a few songs, lots of hugs, and a walk […]

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Help us bring hashing to Burning Man

All donations will help fund our Red Dress Run and the Bike Repair Camp.